Weather Journal For "The Reil Ranch" on Anderson Creek Road - Garden Valley, Idaho


03-Sep-2009, 16:18
This is a journal of weather events that I will maintain as they happen. It will not be on a daily basis, only as unusual or severe weather events occur.

13-Sep-2009, 15:10
I completed my first draft of a "custom" weather web page today, and it is now online and running. It was a new experience for me using tags to call up constantly changing data in a web stuff that.

Here is a pic of my Vantage Pro2 Plus wireless weather station in its installed location above my south pasture. I may relocate the anemometer to the top of my shop roof where it will meet the NWS 10 meter height requirement, but that won't happen until next summer if I decide to do it. That coil of wire hanging on the wood post is now in a conduit running over to my shop, and is the power source for the rain gage heater that will convert the falling snow to a liquid precipitation measurement during the winter. I will also be building a snow measuring platform before the snow flies, and I will also be reporting the snowfall totals on the weather page.

Weatehr Station

04-Oct-2009, 17:10
Today was our first snow of the winter. We also got 1.54" of rain before it changed over to snow sometime during the night. The power went off and I had to get up to open the intake and exhaust ports on the generator housing, and I also had to figure out why the generator didn't pick up the load. It was running but no power was going to the house or shop. It turned out I had failed to throw a switch in the main transfer switch box to put it in automatic mode after I had replaced the starter battery in the generator a few weeks ago. Oh well, at least I know it is in fully operational order now.

When I got up this morning we had an inch of slush on the ground, and the mountains were solid white right down to the valley floor. It was beautiful, but it is early. I hope we will still get a few more
weeks of Indian Summer. We certainly could be on the threshold of winter however. It would not be the first time we got snow at the beginning of October and started winter full on.

27-Oct-2009, 14:45
Winter arrived today, or at least its foreshadowing. We got our first real snow showers today, The time-lapse video link below will show you the first snow shower of the morning. It is the results of 3 hours compressed into 36 seconds. Enjoy!   :-)

Time-Lapse Video of Our First Snow Showers

24-Oct-2010, 14:43
I am removing the cumulative snow depth count from the weather page for the winter of  2009-2010 to get ready for this coming snow season. I am recording it here for future reference. It was a very very low snow total for the season.

Total Snowfall for 2009-2010 =  47"